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Pasture (Fall 2020-Spring 2021)

In collaboration with Rural Alchemy Workshop (R.A.W.)

photos by Jill R. Baker and K-Haw

In the pasture where the water will flow from the excavated pond to the Mary's River, the paper has been waiting in the previous year's carving. I am tucking this paper into these water-carved drains, also waiting, waiting for the anticipated flow to tell me something about place and time. Once upon a time a pond was dug to hold a little bit of this watershed. When you try to ask the land and the water what message they want to leave on the paper you have placed so carefully in the drainage leading from the pasture to the creek (river, bigger river, ocean), what they can tell you about this place (pasture, watershed, rainfall, transformation), you have to listen constantly and carefully and fully or you will miss everything.


Or rather, maybe, you have left a message for the water to carry to the creek, river, bigger river, ocean.


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