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Unfold Your Book Hold Each Page (2022-2023), Collaboration with Living Studios and Living Studios Artist, Pierre Pyke

An everyday performance by Pierre Pyke at Living Studios adapted into a score and set of instructions for a community performance at the Corvallis Museum, January 2023. Guests were invited to sit down with the score and follow the instructions for performing Unfold Your Book Hold Each Page.

Living Studios (a program of Cornerstone Associates) is dedicated to inclusivity in the arts through a facilitated studio art program that supports meaningful opportunities in collaboration with adults who identify as neurodiverse. The program provides creative studio, community engagement, artistic collaboration, and social advocacy, with an emphasis on artists who have traditionally been excluded from spaces of cultural production and enterprise. Participating artists exhibit regularly in galleries, museums, and festivals throughout Oregon and beyond. Learn more by following Living Studios on instagram @living_studios_arts

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