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We Live As Artists and Performers in the Backyard (2020)

A series of short videos and performances that consider sacred play, the possibilities of play as performance and choreography, of collaboration with our loved ones, and of survival during a pandemic.

Actions and performances by Fox. Video by Jill R Baker.

The Sitting Structure.  Fox says, “Make a structure that you can sit in. This is a protection.”

Climbing through the Laurel Tree. Climb through something without touching the ground. The  laurel trees are the stairs.

The Ant Terrace. Make a landscape for an ant. It doesn’t have to be much.

The Secret Hole by the Fence. Choose a site to dig a hole. It is better if it is hidden and can also be a trap. You may even find treasure or artifacts in the hole.

Smashing Apples with Rocks. Small apples are falling early from the tree. Smash them with rocks and then smash smaller rocks. Making grit. You can make pastes out of rocks. You can feed the smashed apples to the chickens or birds.

Making Mud. Make mud. There are so many ways and kinds.

The Track.  Make a track out of objects by lining them up end to end.


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